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Tatiana W

We lived in GA & our son wanted a British Shorthair .
In 2018 we bought the most beautiful silver tabby, a healthy kitten. The seller arrived at the airport to deliver our kitten, it was very nice.
In 2020 we came back to buy another kitten, with the most beautiful blue eyes.
Lyudmila Mac
We were in search of a British Shorthair after our “Blue” passed away about two years ago.

It was important to us to find breeder who was:
– Responsible
– Ethical
– Caring
– Didn’t import kittens from all over.
– Cared for animals as though they  were their own.

After searching for months, visiting  at least 2 dozen breeders, we found such a family in Zillow WV. PARADISE BRITISH SHORTHAIR
Took  a bit of time for me to find. just the right kitten, but after the husband’s visit we knew it would. come from these folks.

They raise the kittens in a most wonderful home.  In the home, not the garage, basement or some outdoors building.  They Pay attention to cleanliness to insure there is sickness no. Take a visit, you shall see.

Their business is straight forward , what is on the website is exactly what you will expect.  With one exception, when kitty was picked  up, the husband saw the love and care this couple had for our kitten almost got the feeling the wife was not wishing to let our Chocolate Boy go.  Sure, this is how they make a living,  but they also treat them as their own.

While I will miss my original British Shorthair these people helped us find our next Kitty and are very grateful.

Our only regret is that we could not take two. (

But I will keep the pester on my husband and he will collapse one day. )))


In this review, I’m going to reveal a good and honest cat breeder. I have been looking for a kitty for three years and I wasn’t able to find one. Every breeder I came in contact with was claiming they have a great cat but when the time came to buy, all of a sudden they claim they don’t have that particular kitty, but They will try to get me a “similar one”. This lengthy process of finding a perfect kitty for me made me very frustrated. Then all of a sudden one day I was browsing through the Internet and I stumbled upon this amazing website with many cute kittens, when I contacted the breeder I got a response right away !!! I not only got a response, but I also got a video conference showing that particular kitty due to a long distance & I fell in love with her. Before that, I wasn’t able to see any cats via video, or live even if other brewers were local. I ended up buying a beautiful kitty British Shorthair . Her name is Ginger. I’m super happy with her. She is playful, happy, loving and adorable. Six months later I decided to buy another one, considering the fact that I got so much joy out of my first cat I bought. So I decided to go to Orlando from Miami. I Visited the same breeder at home, and the breeder welcomed me and my husband with open arms. We spent an ample time looking through kittens, she made us feel comfortable and allowed us to enjoy interaction and pick the right pet for us. The breeder had an opportunity to show the quality of care the kittens receive. She was open to sharing how the kittens have been socialized, how they are kept in a clean environment, and how she maintains the health of other pets in the household. She let me Check the overall health of the kitten.

I Gauged the breeder’s passion: top if the line. I Encouraged the breeder to talk about her cats. You’ll learn a lot, both about the breed and the breeder. Trust me: good breeders—those who are in the business for passion—will talk a lot. They love animals, and they know everything about the breed.

I have noticed the breeder hasn’t insisted too much on purchase, since she was sure that she has great kittens that are in demand.

I am buying another one, my second kitten and I am thinking now that I should have a third one 🙂 I’m So happy with this breeder that when I’m ready to buy a third kitty, she’s definitely going to be the point of contact! I’m truly blessed that I came across such a great person breeder. I strongly recommend her.

Heather S

I got the most perfect kitten ever ! She was everything I wanted and more! She is such a snug bug and is awesome with me daughter. I was worried she was going to be a cat that hides and is never around but she wants to be around you all the time ! Very pleased with the breeder and looking forward to getting another kitten !
Natalia P
Love our new British Shorthair baby Clyde. He is the most beautiful, playful and affectionate kitten.
Watched him grow on live stream and got exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend this breeder.
I got my kitten home and I have to say he is very lovable a snug bug I never bought a kitten over the internet I was very worried different reasons but after doing a video chat with the breeder I was very confident I lost my cat that was 18 years old and I needed someone to comfort me which I found that in this kitten as for the breeder I give him two thumbs up he made me feel very comfortable with the buying process I have to do on many FaceTime chats with him I felt it I can trust him I would give him very good ratings and my kitten is beautiful!


So far so good my kitten will be home Saturday


Thank you! For the fact that you were very decent people and presented us the fine shining sun to our house and our family. Thanks to a bicolor Sam whom we took from you , and all of us became children again! This inexplicable and improbable happiness! Thank you!

Anna Z

We bought our little guy back in June, he is the sweetest and the most beautiful kitten in the world! We are very happy with and never had any problems. He is a very good pot trained, healthy and hand cat. Thank you, Miza, for all your help, I’m looking forward to getting a girlfriend for him next week!

A & D Schneider

My husband and I spent a long time looking for a British Shorthair kitten, and chose two from Adorable Stars after Sabrina R. highly recommended them. We couldn’t be happier! The kitten Miza gave us is beautiful, sweet, soft, and playful. She quickly became comfortable in her new home. Looking forward to receiving our second kitten, a silver chinchilla female, at the end of May! I’m certain she will be as lovely as this one.


Sabrina R

We absolutely love our new kitten. The process was enjoyable and we were able to FaceTime the kitten whenever we wanted. We received lots of pictures and updates. The kitten we received is loving, playful, sweet, cuddly, etc. You can tell he came from a loving place. We will be getting another kitten from Miza in the future and highly recommend her. Thank you for our adorable love bug!!!

Mariana F

We have the most beautiful , healthy and sweet kitty in the world. Thanks Miza for everything, you are awesome!!!!

Victoria L

My boyfriend surprised me with a kitten for my birthday and I was absolutely shocked!
Usually I wouldn’t ever get a cat without meeting him first but this one is just the most adorable affectionate thing! I was also happy that he was litter trained and well behaved, I have zero problems with him so far. Breeder is also very responsive if I ever have any questions.


Over the past 35 years our family has had a total of 6

British Shorthair raised from kitten to adult. We recently purchased two young kittens from Adorable Stars and they are spectacular. They both were loving and adjusted immediately the minute we brought them home. I give Adorable Stars five stars ***** for their cats and kittens.

Lynn Byfield

I spent a lot of time reading about and looking at

British Shorthair kittens before I finally decided on buying my adorable Bernie. The breeder is so sweet and caring and her kittens all grow up in a clean and loving home setting. I purchased a gorgeous lilac male kitten. He is healthy and has a bold, playful and loving temperament. We have two dogs in our home and they all get along fabulously! Every person who meets Bernie wants to take him home…even people who claim to not be “cat people” LOL
We adore him and I highly recommend this breeder!!


I have to say this is the best breeder in the state of Florida. I bought a kitten a few weeks back & he is just the sweetest most well adjusted temperament not to say very healthy. I am so happy with my boy & can’t wait to get him a baby brother or sister. Thank You!!

claire chen

I got my kitten from here one week ago (healthy and cute) and I have to take a three days trip for work. I left my two months kitten to Adorable Family when I got back. She’s all good and healthy. I really appreciate the owner’s help and good care of my kitten!!!

Kristin C

We are in love! Thank you so much for helping us find the most beautiful

British Shorthair boy to join our family. He is just the sweetest boy and loves his new home. I will give your info to any who ask as it is clear that you have high quality folds and that you love them all so much. Thank you again!


Hi! I purchased Teodoro (grey British Shorthair ) in October 2016. I live in Ecuador but I used to live in the US and I found these nice people selling kittens in Florida and I was desperate to get one. So Teo had to travel from Orlando to Quito with me on the plane. He was 3 months old at the time. Today he is 9 months old. He is an adorable little man, very clean, smart, loves to play and be around people. He is an extremely social kitten. We absolutely adore him. Thank you so much for this JOY! I am thinking of getting Two a friend and also considering your help in it! Thanks again!


We got a very sweet personality lilac fold kitten. It’s very good and beautiful. Thank you!

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